Budi ra Budi ko Satthi lai ekai choti gaary

Budi ra Budi ko Satthi lai ekai choti gaary | Latest Nepali Youn Katha

I am Rocky Shrestha, 29 years now working on Senior Level in MNC. I have small home at Chabahil, Kathmandu with small happy family me, my wife, my daughter and my mummy. The incident happened one year back while Nepal’s Moist Party called 3 days strike in Nepal. I have that one night experience with my wife (Sujita) and her married best friend (Priya). 

Sujita’s figure is 5 feet 4 inches long and it is 32-26-32. Priya is more beautiful and smart than Sujita and equally long and tall – but her chest and Ass are even greater and attractive as her lips. I often talk with my wife Sujita to fuck with different girls specially her best friend Priya in front of her. It was coincidence that Priya came to our home to stay for 1 week because her husband went outside of country and she was alone in her home while I and my wife were at home.

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We had normal days and night for first 2 days. The 3rd day of her stay in our home and the 1st day of the strike, we three didn’t go anywhere and stay at home watching TV and chatted bla…bla…bla… After dinner I went to my friend place for our business discussion. I came back at around 10 PM and sat down on bed to watch TV.

We three sat there and chatted while we enjoyed the Coffee. I listened as the two friends reminisced about growing up. After a while they began talking about more intimate topics; specifically their sexual experiences as high-school and college girls together. I could feel the sexual tension start to rise! I knew that it was going to be a perfect evening, and that soon I would be fucking both these lovely ladies!

Sujita grabbed Priya’s arm and said: “Do you remember the time when you and I were about sixteen and got caught by my mother when we were naked in my bed and kissing each other?” I leaned close to Sujita; with shock, I said; “You BAD girls! . . . What are you talking about?……….. Tell me everything!” Priya’s eyes sparkled as she leaned over closer to me.

“You know, Rocky, if you want to hear that story, you’ll have to give me a kiss, first! I don’t tell that story for free!” Sujita made a demand and started kissing me without any hesitation in front of her best friend. We had a long French kiss. Then while I was kissing Sujita, I said softly in his ear that I want to fuck her and Priya together. Sujita looked at me first and then immediately go and said something in Priya’s ear. Priya left the room immediately without say anything. Sujita leaned her head close to me and start kissing me.

I asked her “what did you say to Priya that she went out?”

Sujita smiled and replied “Have patience a while!”

Then I removed all her clothes, her pussy was already wet. I took my tongue in her pussy and lick it. She was moaning with pleasure. Suddenly the door opened. We immediately split then I sat on bed. Priya came to room and sat in the Bed. Priya looked at Sujita and said “What you guys doing? You know I am here. Darling you promised to that your hobby is mine for tonight.”

I shocked that how can she ready immediately. I didn’t believe that my dream come true. I looked at Sujita first and then Priya. Sujita gave me naughty smile “today we both are yours. Can you handle both of us together?”

I din’t answer anything. “Do you want to fuck my best friend, Rocky?” she whispered; “I know she wants to fuck you!” My heart was racing as my hands found their own way to Sujita’s tits again. I touched them very gently and I could feel Sujita draw in a deep breath as she felt my hands beginning to explore her again.

“Yes!” I responded; “I would like to fuck Priya very much, and explore every inch of her body with my hands and mouth!”

I stood up, pulling Priya up with me and into my arms. There is no doubt that she felt my hard cock against her flat stomach, because she immediately buried her tongue deep into my mouth! I savored Priya’s warm and soft lips for a few moments as my hand caressed her well-shaped ass. When I came up for air, I looked at Sujita. She was standing there with one hand on my ass, and the other pressing against Priya’s back, helping Priya crush her body up against my engorged dick.

Sujita caught my eye and smiled. “You two look hot together! I can’t wait to watch you fuck my best friend, Rocky!” 

I smiled and said: “you ladies planned this, didn’t you?” Priya looked pleased with herself, and glanced at Sujita. “Yes, we planned it together. Do you want to fuck me Rocky?”

“Sweetheart” I said, “you are about to receive the pounding of your life!”

Priya turned red but continued to look me in the eye. “I can’t wait to get a hold of your cock, Rocky!” Sujita took her free hand and rubbed it against the very prominent bulge in my Levis.

“You feel good enough to eat!” Priya cried.

I grabbed Priya from behind, wrapping my arms around her and sliding my hands over her perky little breasts. I could feel her nipples perking up and straining against her sun dress. I pinched them both, gently and nibbled on the back of her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips. Clearly, she was ready for what I wanted to do to her. I felt Sujita’s arms slide around me from behind; I felt her firm, full breasts pushing against my back. I was between two beautiful, willing women and the feeling was nearly indescribable.

Sujita slid her hands down my sides and around my waist. I felt her unbuckle my belt, and then unbutton the top button on my Levis. I gave Priya’s nipples another pinch, marveling at how they felt bigger, and stuck out further than Sujita’s. I stopped my ministrations to Priya’s neck and said to Sujita: “Don’t you think that Priya should do the honors?” I felt Sujita’s hands stop on the second button of the fly of my Levis.

“Oh . . . I guess you’re right, sweetie,” Sujita said “Priya, turn around and strip off my hubby’s jeans. I think you’ll be pleased by what you see!”

Priya wiggled in my arms with excitement and quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She turned her face up to me and pulled my willing lips down to hers. I felt them soft on mine and opened them up to receive Priya’s probing tongue. She tasted sweet! I felt Sujita’s hands start to unbutton the second button on my fly and pulled away from that warm and wiling mouth.

Sujita walked into my view from behind me. She was nude and strutting! Her beautiful, full breasts bounced and swayed as she came into view. She trailed her left hand along my arm and then on to Priya’s head. “Go on, Priya,” she said, slowly twisting her fingers in Priya’s hair, “pull those boxers off and take a look at the most beautiful cock you’ll ever see!”

Priya slid her hands up the sides of my legs and settled on the band of my boxers. I was breathing hard and staring down at Priya’s beautiful blue-green eyes. Priya slowly started to slip my boxers off, but hit a road block when my massive erection prevented the elastic band from sliding effortlessly down my body. Priya quickly pulled the band away from my body and my cock sprung free in all its glory. Priya’s eyes flew open and she licked her lips. I could tell that she liked what she saw. 

I smiled into Priya’s eyes and said; “Well, what do you think?” Nearly of their own volition, Priya’s hands reached for my balls and started caressing them.

“Ohh, Rocky! I love how your balls feel in my hands. Kamal’s balls are all harry and gross!” She looked up and me, then she looked over her shoulder at Sujita and said: “Can I suck them Sujita?”

Sujita chuckled and said: “This first part is all for you, sweetie! You get first dibs on his balls AND his cock!” Priya turned back to me and slid one hand onto the shaft of my rigid cock and gently started to stroke it. She leaned in close and I could feel her hot breath on my thigh.

“Priya, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!” I heard Sujita say. “Rocky loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I’m sure that he’ll want to do the same with you.”

Priya gave my cock squeeze and released my ball-sack from her hot mouth. “Don’t worry, Rocky,” Priya apologized, “I’ll be sucking that delicious cock of yours in just a second or two! I’m going to make you so wild that you are going to explode in my mouth!” Reluctantly, she got up off her knees and grabbed the hem of her sun dress. She looked me in the eye and said; “I hope you’ll like what’s underneath this dress!”

I laughed and said, “Priya, I have secretly wanted to fuck you for years! I love the shape of your ass in jeans, and I have always enjoyed seeing you in that sexy Saree of yours; I know that I will love what’s underneath that dress!”

With that, Priya pulled the dress up over her head, exposing her pussy and then her tits to my hungry eyes. Priya looked absolutely gorgeous – I was not the least bit disappointed with was under that sexy sundress! My eyes ate her up! Priya’s tits were perky and her nipples were exactly like I had pictured them while pinching them. They were big and dark, sticking out proud and true, more than a quarter inch from the swell of her breast. I could not help myself and I sucked first one and then the other nipple into my mouth, while gently squeezing her breasts, each one nestled in the palm of my hands.

I stepped back a bit and looked down at Priya’s pussy. Not a hair was to be seen; she was clean shaven, like me! “Priya, you are so hot! I LOVE how we match!” I looked at her pretty slit closer and I could see the edges of her darker, inner labia tantalizingly peeking out from between her outer pussy lips. It took me a moment or two to realize that I was looking at an unbelievably large clit. I was fascinated. I reached out and cupped her pussy and slipped a finger deep inside her. She was hot and wet! 

Priya tilted her head back. “Rocky, suck my nipples again!”, Priya pleaded.

I lowered my mouth to her tits and drew my fingers out her pussy at the same time to draw her close to me. I felt my cock slip between her legs and the shaft rub against her slit and that awesome clit. I got so excited that I lost my balance, and before I knew it, we had all tumbled ass over teakettle on to the bed, which luckily, Priya was standing right in front of. I landed on Priya and my cock seemed to have a mind of its own as it shot between her legs. I felt the tip of my penis penetrate the outer lips of Priya’s shaven pussy! Heaven! I went with the flow and drove my cock to the hilt into her juicy little pussy and heard Priya scream with delight! It was glorious!

Sujita tumbled down with us on to the bed and saw me make my first thrust into Priya. I looked at my wife and said; “I just shoved my cock into your best friend’s pussy, and I like it!”

Sujita’s face lit up”Wow,” she exclaimed, “you don’t waste time, do you, you stud!” She propped herself up on an elbow and I saw her beautiful tits slip over and hang in her best friend’s face. “Well,” she said looking down at Priya, “how’s my Rocky’s cock feel?”

“Wonderful,” moaned Priya. “His cock is so much stronger than Kamal’s. I’m already hooked on being fucked by it, and I haven’t even been properly fucked yet!”

Sujita looked at me and said; “Well, Rocky, beam her up! Let’s see you work that tool like I know you can.”

I looked back at my wife, smiled and said;”Thank you honey! I promise to fuck Priya until she is completely exhausted and can’t fuck me anymore; then, I’ll start on you!”

“Exactly what I wanted to hear you say,” Sujita cried.

I bent to my task and started to slowly stroke my cock in and out of Priya’s willing pussy. I could feel her juices flowing, hot and sweet. It was lovely!

I slammed my penis deep into her cunt and felt her pussy clamp down on my hard cock. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close. I kissed her on the mouth and felt her tongue slip into my mouth. I gently sucked on it as her hips bucked against my pelvis. She wrapped her long legs around my ass, pulled my dick deeper inside her and drew her tongue out of my mouth. At that moment she went taut all over and threw her head back and screamed.

“OH GOD, YES, Fuck me Rocky! Fuck my pussy! I’m CUMMING!!!”

I slammed my cock back and forth again and again right through her climax. Still I didn’t stop fucking her, but kept drilling her pussy with my rock-hard dick. Priya’s body went taut again and I could hear the sucking sound made by my cock slid in and out of Priya’s well-lubricated pussy lips.

“Priya, I love fucking you,” I whispered to her, “cum for me again!” She obliged me and I felt a gush of warm pussy juice shoot past my cock and balls. Priya screamed again and slumped back, breathing hard.

“Oh, God, Rocky, that was fantastic!”

“You’re not done yet, hun,” Sujita said. “Rocky’s just getting started, aren’t you baby?”

I pulled my still hard dick out of Priya’s pussy. It was dripping with her pussy juices. 

Sujita slithered down Priya’s hard body, kissing her tits on the way down. Priya moaned. It was totally hot seeing Sujita suck Priya’s nipples, and Priya clearly loved having her tits sucked by Sujita.

Sujita gave each of Priya’s tits a last little nibble and then glided down to my cock and grabbed my balls. I spread Priya’s legs and buried my cock into her beautiful, bare pussy, slamming my balls against her ass, once again. Priya gasped and started moving her hips in time to my thrusts.

“OH…MY…GOD!” she exclaimed! “Your cock feels so good; give it to me some more!”

I continued burying my cock into her willing, hungry pussy, feeding it my six inches over and over. Suddenly, she exploded again! I could feel her contractions on my cock and felt her shoot some more girl-cum onto my cock.

“Shit!” I yelled! “FUCK! You are so hot, Priya. I want to keep fucking you all night!”

“NO WAY!!!” shouted Sujita. “I’m next, and don’t you forget it!”

While I continued to pound Priya’s sweet pussy, I watched Sujita expertly squeeze Priya’s breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier. God! Too hot to handle! I quickly pulled my throbbing dick out of Priya’s pussy.

I felt wonderful and was enjoying the moment and anticipating the renewed entry of my cock into Priya’s hot pussy when I felt Priya’s body shudder with delight. I opened my eyes to see what was giving her such pleasure that did not include my cock. Amazed, I propped myself up on an elbow to get a better look at those wonderful nipples. That’s when I noticed that my sweet wife had her head buried between Priya’s thighs!

“Sujita,” I exclaimed; “are you eating Priya’s pussy?”

“Mmrumph,” Sujita mumbled. “MmmmmmmmmHummmm!”

I just had to take a better look; I had never seen Sujita eat pussy before and I wanted to enjoy the experience from up close. I moved away from Priya’s side and slid down until my face was resting on her thigh; I could smell the sweet, yummy aroma of a well-fucked pussy. Priya’s aroma was more pronounced than Sujita’s; a bit sweeter, I think with a touch of earthy musk overlay. I could feel my cock throbbing and bobbing as Priya’s odor filled my senses; “clearly,” I thought to myself, “this little fuck-fest is going to new, unexplored heights and I want my cock to be fully involved!”

“Baby, sweet baby,” Sujita cried, “I LOVE the way you lick my pussy, suck my clit and fuck me with your tongue! You’re going to make me cum!”

“ME TOO!” Priya screamed; and buried her face into Sujita’s steaming, hot cunt. I saw both of the ladies’ bodies tense up and saw Sujita push her hips down on Priya’s face, while Priya thrust her hips up, slamming her slick, shaved pussy into Sujita’s waiting mouth. Both girls’ hips jerked and I could hear muffled moaning from each end of the gorgeous pile of woman flesh; clearly, both girls were having massive orgasms into the mouth of their best friend! I grabbed my cock and started stroking! This was way, WAY too hot! My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would pound right out of my chest! I needed to be part of that wonderful melding of those two beautiful women!

Sujita and Priya’s bodies were glistening with sweat. They had been working hard! I got on my knees above Priya’s head; my balls dangling, brushing her cute, upturned nose. I imagined Priya’s eyes flying open to see my shaved ball sack dangling above her lips, and was rewarded when I felt her hot lips grab my left testicle and begin to suck! I shifted my weight a bit, lowering myself closer to her mouth and was rewarded again as Priya deftly sucked my right testicle into her dainty mouth. She began alternating her attention between my two testes. Priya wiggled a bit and I felt her left hand grab the base of my cock and gently guide my massive, throbbing hard-on toward Sujita’s waiting slit. I held my breath while Priya expertly sucked my balls and slid my cock into Sujita’s pussy.

“OH…MY…GOD…” Sujita screamed! “Rocky, Is that YOUR cock? I guess seeing me fuck my best friend and her fuck me is a MAJOR turn on for you! I have never felt your cock so big and hard before!” 

I shoved my swollen penis deep into Sujita’s cunt and felt my right testicle pop out of Priya’s mouth and slap against Sujita’s pussy. Sujita was right…my cock was absolutely magnificent; proud, erect and hard as a bar of steel. I marveled at how hot it looked slamming into Sujita’s wet and willing cunt.

“Baby,” Sujita lustfully panted, “If I knew that sharing you with Priya would get your cock so big and hard I would have seduced Priya years ago!” I heard Priya laugh over the slippery sound of my cock slamming into Sujita and my balls slapping against her pussy. I continued to thrust into my wife’s sweet pussy, but I knew I was in charge of my cock now, and there would be no further premature ejaculations. I’d cum when I wanted to, and for now, I wanted this fuck-fest to continue for hours!

“Yes, YES, YES, oh GOD, YES” Sujita cried out in passion! “Fuck me you big stud, fuck me with that rod. God, Rocky, your cock feels so good!” With that, Sujita came! And Came! AND CAME! I have never seen her cum so hard or so long! Her pussy clamped on my penis and would not let go! I could feel contraction after contraction wracking her body and the walls of her juicy cunt. Suddenly, I felt a rush of girl-cum flood her pussy and spurt past my swollen cock! Sujita screamed with joy! I felt the hot liquid spray my balls and the insides of my thighs. I knew that Priya was getting doused by her best friend’s liquid passion and that made the whole experience even hotter!

“Yum, Yummm, YUMMM,” I heard Priya exclaim. “OH Sujita! Your cum is so sweet!” she yelled! “I love it, give me more!”

I felt Sujita’s spent pussy contract again and one last spurt of pussy-juice shot out of her wet hole.

“Yes!” Priya cried! Sujita slumped down on to Priya; my still-hard cock sprung out of her well-fucked cunt, and I swear it bounced up and down like a spring board after a high-diver has launched themselves off for an Olympic Gold Medal winning dive. Sujita rolled off Priya and on to her back, spent; at least for the moment.

With my cock still standing at attention I felt Priya’s lips kissing my ball sack again. She was obviously still in the game! I lifted my leg and swung around to face Priya. I looked deep into her sparkling eyes, which were still filled with unfettered lust and said: “Priya, may I fuck your pretty, little, shaved pussy again?” I saw Priya’s eyes fill with additional desire and felt her hands fly to my cock. 

“Yes, baby; Yes! I want that big, hard cock of yours in mine, and I want you to cum, deep, deep in my pussy! No, I NEED that big, hard cock of yours in my pussy!” “Sujita, I NEED your husband’s cock in me, OK?”

Sujita lifted her head; her eyes were clear and bright. She smiled at her best friend, lifted her hands up from the bedspread and gave Priya both thumbs up. I felt Priya’s soft delicate fingers grasp my massive hard-on. Her fingers could not reach all the way around. My cock was throbbing with desire and I again marveled at how engorged my penis had become. I was easily three quarters of an inch bigger in girth and a half inch longer than normal! Sharing sex with my wife and her best friend was clearly the best “male enhancement” product ever. I chuckled to myself and kissed Priya’s pretty face and eyelids. I moved over her face placing soft kisses on every rounded inch of her lovely face. Her beautiful blond hair was wet with passion and perspiration and the smell of Sujita and Priya’s pussies filled the air of the bedroom. 

“You ladies smell wonderful,” I sighed! Believe it or not, Priya blushed! 

“I always thought the smell of my pussy was too strong; Kamal doesn’t ever tell me that he likes the way I smell,” Priya said with a small pout. 

“Sweetie,” I replied, “your pussy’s aroma is like ambrosia to me! Sujita, is it OK if I tell Priya that I love the smell of her pussy?”

“HELL,” I heard Sujita retort; “I love the way Priya’s pussy smells, and TASTES, by the way; so, yes, tell her the truth!”

“OK,” I replied, “Priya, your pussy smells sweet and musky and exotic, all at the same time!” “I think that next to Sujita’s pussy, yours is the most wonderful smelling pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure to grace my senses!” 

“Liar!” I heard Sujita exclaim. “You like the smell of her pussy better than mine; I know it, because I think her pussy smells better than mine!” 

“Oh, Sujita,” I chuckled, “you really know your husband, don’t you!” “Yes, sweet Priya, Sujita is right; your pussy is the best smelling pussy I’ve ever smelled, just barely in front of Sujita’s, though!”

We all laughed and Sujita propped herself up on an elbow. “Hey baby, don’t hog my girl!” Sujita shifted her body so that she was lying on the other side of Priya. She let her free left hand drift gently up Priya’s left leg, and slide between her thighs. I saw Sujita’s hand drift ever higher and settle on Priya’s shaved mound. Priya’s breath caught in her throat and her hips rose to press against Sujita’s hand.

“God!” I exclaimed! “The sight of the two of you together is almost too hot! Priya, tell me what you are feeling.”

Priya closed her eyes as if to heighten her other senses; “I feel a very warm knot in the depths of my pussy, throbbing with the beat of my heart. I feel Sujita’s nails gently scratching the head of my clit, sending little shock waves down through my pussy, into my legs and shooting out my toes!” Priya moaned with excitement and growing passion. 

“Now, I feel Sujita’s finger slipping between the lips of my vagina and slowly entering me; now it’s two fingers, now THREE! OH, God, Sujita, Fuck me with your fingers” Priya cried! “I love to feel your fingers in me!” Sujita obliged Priya’s demand and started to finger fuck Priya’s swollen cunt. I could hear the sucking sound as Priya’s pussy clung to Sujita’s fingers as they fucked her. It was hot, both watching my wife finger her best friend, and hearing the wet sound of their love-making.

I kissed Priya’s sweet mouth softly and gently. I petted her perky breasts and pinched her hard, swollen nipples. I could feel her body rocking in time with Sujita’s finger-thrusts. My cock was doing its own little dance in time with the music of the girls’ love-making. Priya’s lips parted and I slid my hot tongue into her waiting mouth. Priya sucked on my tongue and I wished it were my cock. Making the best of the situation, and adding to Priya’s delight, I began to tongue fuck her mouth; thrusting it as deep as I could into her wet mouth and then withdrawing it, right to the tip at her lips, then thrusting into her willing mouth again. I kept time with Sujita’s finger fucks and together we played a symphony of lust with Priya’s sweet body.

I could feel Priya’s sucks at my thrusting tongue become more frantic and I opened my eyes to look at Priya’s sweet face. Her eyes were screwed tight and she was totally absorbed with the feelings going on between her legs and in her mouth! I was in awe of her glowing face and drew back from her to get a better look. Priya’s eyes flew open when my tongue left her mouth and she pierced me with such a passionate look that my heart nearly stopped beating altogether!

“Yes,” Priya cried! “Yessss! Fuck me Sujita! Fuck me with your fingers, SUCK MY CLIT! NOW!” I saw tears well up in Priya’s eyes and saw my wife’s head dip down so her mouth could suck up Priya’s swollen clit, which now looked to be nearly as big as my thumb!

“AHHHHARRRR!!!” Screamed Priya! The animalistic scream tore from her throat and pierced our ears. Priya’s hip bucked and heaved and as she screamed again, her pussy shot a load of girl-cum right into Sujita’s waiting mouth! What a lovely picture to be seared into my brain! My wife receiving into her open and willing mouth the juicy cum shooting out of Priya’s beautiful shaved pussy! Sujita clamped her mouth over Priya’s pussy and sucked up each explosion of girl-cum, swallowing each drop as it shot from her best friend’s hot pussy.

“Sujita,” I whispered, “may I have a drop?” Sujita looked up from her labor of love and smiled. Her eyes were hot and full of lust. She thrust herself over Priya’s body and planted her lips on mine. I felt a hot rush of liquid fill my mouth and knew that Sujita had not forgot to save me some of the feast! I savored Priya’s cum like fine wine, rolling it in my mouth and sucking air through it to increase the intensity of the flavor on my tongue.

My mouth was full of Priya’s hot cum and I was reveling in the sensation. She tasted salty and yet sweet, musky and earthy but light and sensual. I knew right then that next time; I wanted to take Sujita’s place at the fountain when it gushed, so that I could get more of this wonderful liquor of life! I swallowed a bit and then leaned over Priya. Priya looked in my eyes and opened her mouth. I planted a kiss on her lips and filled her mouth with what remained of her cum that I had not swallowed. Priya’s eyes sparkled as she received her cum into her mouth. She smiled and swallowed. How lovely! 

“Thank you Sujita! Thank you Rocky!” Priya sighed. “You’ve surpassed my wildest dreams and wishes! I have been completely and thoroughly fucked; and I LOVE IT!” “Well,” I said, looking down on my poor, throbbing cock; so big and huge that each vein stood out in relief like jumper cables running the length of my cock, “I don’t think we’re quite done, yet!”

Priya smiled and reached one hand out to me, the other to Sujita; “Rocky, you promised to fuck me until I begged to be fucked some more; you’ve done that. You also told me that you’d fuck me even more after that; you’ve kept your word. Now, I’m telling you, you can fuck me as much as you are able tonight, tomorrow and any other day of the week, with Sujita, without Sujita. I know I want you and Sujita to fuck me as much as you are able, as often as you are able, because I have never felt as loved and complete as right now.”

I smiled at Priya and looked over at Sujita. She was crying! Big tears were flowing down her pretty face and splashing on Priya’s pretty tits. “Priya,” Sujita sobbed, “I promise that we will fuck you as often and as much as we can; together Rocky and I, or you and me alone, or you and Rocky alone!” I looked at the girls and they were both sobbing, Priya had sat up and was holding Sujita, Sujita was clinging on to Priya. “What the hell,” I thought and wrapped my arms around both lovely ladies and smoothed each one’s hair with my hands. 

“I love you both, desperately!” I whispered. “But I’ve got a raging hard-on and I’d like to fuck you both again before blowing my load onto your pretty upturned faces!” Both girls broke away from my clutches and looked down at my cock. Priya’s eyes sparkled as she grabbed my massive erection; she turned to Sujita and smiled. Sujita reached out and grabbed my ball sack and squeezed my balls. Her eyes lit up and she, also, smiled.

“Cum on, Priya,” Sujita chuckled, “let’s give this cock of my hubby’s a ride!”

Since then, we get a chance to people when we have group sex
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